What People are Saying

Every one of you has forever changed my life! And gave me the confidence in my smile. I'm grateful for Dr. Donaghey and his staff.

Lavorsha Gunn 

The most caring and professional staff around! You always make me feel so welcome and I know I am in good hands even with my complicated self!! Y’all are simply the best!!

Mr. and Mrs. Nathan J. Hall

You guys are simply AMAZING!!!!!! I've done two reviews since coming there. The care that your office gives is simply priceless. You all have a talent and that's hard to come by. Anyone can sell you something on how they can provide great service but you guys back it up..

Khrystal Peyton

Dr. Donaghey was my orthodontist and I am so happy my daughter is in his care as well. I have great faith he will do a wonderful job! Thank you for your years of care.

Sara Williams

There is NO better ortho treatment around! The friendliness of the staff is what makes Donaghey Ortho the place you want to come to and don't dread to come to. The level and attention to your ortho care for my son exceeds what others intended to do for him which would have led to other issues down the road had we not corrected them now. The wait time is literally none....that's totally
unheard of in any service care provider but you do it for every visit! We could not be happier!

Connor Pierce


Thank you for all you’ve done for our children. Cindy, Lisa and Jacky are the most
professional staff I’ve ever met. The assistants have always been very helpful and tactful while explaining how our children can improve home care, wearing retainers, bands etc. Dr. Donaghey’s passion for his profession and enthusiasm around patients is contagious. Our community is beyond blessed to have your office in our area.

Mrs. Kimblery Perry 


Everything about this office is excellent. We are always greeted kindly, seen right away, and accommodated in appointment times that work with a busy school schedule. Even more important, I have always felt that the procedures needed were explained and justified. I never feel as though something is being done that is not necessary. The commitment to do a good job and take no shortcuts is obvious. Every person who has worked on my children has been kind and compassionate. Thanks to all of you. 

Mrs. Vicki O'Malley

I came in after not having seen Dr. Donaghey since high school, and he welcomed me back with open arms! I hardly had to say a word and he knew exactly what I disliked about my smile and got me started right away! I love his passion for what he’s doing. His excitement about my work makes me excited. I’m excited to see my end results! Thank you to all the wonderful staff for making this such a wonderful place!

Donya Foster

The entire staff is so wonderful and helpful, they explained each step of the process so thoroughly!

    - S.F. 


 Dr. Donaghey and his staff are so professional and always on time, which is important because we are out of town. They make our entire family feel like we are the only patients!

     - Mandy W. 


They are always on time to see my son.  We do not ever have to wait in the waiting room.  The office is very clean and state of the art. We love the staff. It has always been a wonderful experience. We highly recommend. 

-Thashia W.  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Dr. Donaghey and his staff are always amazing!

-Karen S.  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

 Great experience. We have used Dr. Donaghey for 3 of our family members and will continue to do so. 

-Jernigan R. 


 The children look forward to their visits with Dr. Donaghey and his friendly staff. 

-Debbie S.


Dr. Donaghey and his staff are exceptional. They are prompt, careful in my mouth and caring about how I am doing. I look forward to coming here!  

-Carol T. 


As a retired Military spouse with 18 moves under her belt, I can honestly say Dr. Donaghey and his team of highly efficient and friendly assistants ranks #1 as our all-time favorite Doctor ever!!!                       

- Mimi Prendergast

All of you genuinely care about my treatment and are so patient with me. I feel confident that your expertise will give me the smile I want. Thank you!
                                                                                                                                                                -  Susan Groom

What a fabulous office!! I was nervous about choosing the right place for my children’s orthodontic care. My worries were all gone after the wonderful reception we received from the staff and Dr. Donaghey. What wonderful attention to details with regards to your office and patients care! So glad we are a patient at this office and would definitely refer my friends here!!
                                                                                                                                                                -  Jessica Turner

Now have my second child in braces with Dr. Donaghey. You can definitely pick out his patients. He and his staff are professional and caring, therefore, creating the greatest service and outcome for a spectacular smile!                                                                                                                                                  -Peggy Sue Higgins

The experience at Donaghey Orthodontics is the "Disney World" of health care. Thank for being efficient and excellent!

- Melissa Haab

This office is beyond amazing. We are brand new to Mobile and had a sad and unfortunate situation occur with the original Orthodontist that we planned to see. Dr Donaghey and his staff are so far above and beyond superior!!!!

- Mr. and Mrs. John Grabowski

You have been taking care of my family for over 20 yrs! We have always had excellent, competent care. Thank you for everything!

- Len Hollis

An amazing team who provide excellent care in a beautiful setting!

- Pam Johnson

Best orthodontist in town! Friendly, personable and professional all wrapped up in one office...and we got a beautiful smile! :)

- Shan Connick

We love everything... couldn't ask for better! Thank you all for what you do!

- Michelle Taylor

Phillip enjoys coming here. Everyone is friendly and they care about him having a great smile.

- Becky Murphy

From our very first visit around 6 months ago, every visit has been on time, and it's always nice to be called by name when you walk in the door. The office staff and overall office experience provides a model in customer service that few companies ever achieve, especially any health-related field. I feel very comfortable with the care my children receive from everyone in the office and never hesitate to refer others.

- Amanda Davidson

Going into braces at age 59 was the best retirement gift I could give myself. With digital cameras everywhere, I found I was erasing most of the photos I was in, all because of my smile, many with my family. As an older patient, my needs were a bit more, and with an international move ahead, I was fast-tracked and seen frequently in Dr. Donaghey's office. The first few weeks were uncomfortable, but with much encouragement, I made it through. I love my smile, cosmetically; it changed the way I look at myself, especially meeting new people. I think I'm proof positive it's never too late and well worth it.

- Angie O'Brien

Dr. Donaghey and his staff are experts at everything they do! Orthodontic treatment, insurance, appointments, communicating with patients, and client services - they do it all and very well. I can't imagine going anywhere else. Every person you encounter will demonstrate the highest level of professionalism, courtesy, and kindness with a smile. Look no further!

- Pat and Stephanie Greenwood

I was impressed by our first visit to your office. I knew right away that we made the right decision by choosing you for our orthodontic care. My son felt at ease immediately by the warm welcome and exceptional care by the whole staff. We were given a tour and greeted with smiles by everyone. Thank you!

- Krystel Flood

As a matter of principle, I virtually never rate service as "excellent," since I generally feel like there is always room for improvement. Not so at Dr. Donaghey's office - I'd give them a perfect rating if I could! They've got patient/parent service figured out, and should be the "model" for dentist and doctors’ offices everywhere! I've referred MANY people there over the years, and have never had someone say they wish they'd gone somewhere else. Keep up the excellent service and care!

- Tish Odom
Mobile, AL

Good customer service has become a rarity nowadays. However, it is refreshing to know it is still a priority in some businesses. Dr. Donaghey and his staff provide, by far, great customer service and patient care, which is why I've referred others to this office.

- Janet Sims
Mobile, AL

The staff is always very professional as well as friendly. Dr. Donaghey provides excellent orthodontic care and is very informative during the process. He has straightened the smiles of numerous family members and continues to be our top pick!

- Traci Rogers
Mobile, AL

Both of my daughters had braces, and each and EVERY time they went to an appointment, they were ALWAYS greeted by name by the very polite staff. I will highly refer my family and friends to Dr. Donaghey.

- Veronica Phelps
Irvington, AL

All of the staff is amazing!!! Dr. Donaghey is an exceptional orthodontist. He and his staff are both sincere and dedicated to the care of their patients. We love them at our house. I will soon have two children in braces with Dr. Donaghey and would of course refer people to him and his awesome team!!!

- Valerie Thompson
Mobile, AL

I absolutely love this doctor's office. From the moment I entered the building, I knew we made the right choice. I highly recommend this office to everyone for their orthodontic needs. Great atmosphere! Great staff! Great doctor!

- Ora Steber
Mobile, AL

I have never experienced a medical office run so efficiently and with the patient's satisfaction such a priority. I am incredibly pleased and feel respected as a patient and not just another chart number.

- Ashley Burch
Mobile, AL

Not only am I impressed with the quality of the service and the genuine care of the staff, but the duration of both as well. You guys were wonderful to me as a teen patient and are now just as professional, caring, and thoughtful to my son.

- Brandy Favors
Mobile, AL

Dr. Donaghey and the entire staff have always had the utmost respect for the patient and their family, and it is evident that they strive for perfection to make every patient's orthodontic care the best it can be. We feel very blessed to have Dr. Donaghey and his staff as our orthodontic provider.

- Jacelyn Diamond
Mobile, AL

Dr. Donaghey has been my children's orthodontist for around 20 years. I trust him and his staff completely. I can't imagine going to another office.

- Shelley Pennington
Mobile, AL

Very professional environment… everyone is so friendly and accommodating. I also love the uniforms worn by the staff… sends a message of cleanliness, organization and professionalism. I also appreciate how non-intimidating the staff is to the children. They feel comfortable right away. The office uses great technology to sign in and notify of appointments, which I appreciate. Time and resources are definitely spent training office staff and delivering service to patients.

- Desiree' Tait
Mobile, AL

Dr. Donaghey and his fine staff of ladies are wonderful, and the atmosphere is so warm and inviting.

- Sonia Pough
Eight Mile, AL

Our experience with Dr. Donaghey and his staff over all these years has been the easiest of any provider we've ever dealt with. They are very flexible and eager to accommodate the crazy schedules of working moms, dads, and children who are busy with school and sports. I have told many parents about our experience with this staff, and I'm actually sorry that we are almost finished! They have truly been amazing.

- Beth Calametti
Daphne, AL

The staff has always been wonderful, cheerful, and helpful. It is unlike any other doctor's office that we frequent. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, goes out of their way, giving well above 100% effort toward their work. You should be very proud of the establishment you have built, and I recommend your group to anyone that is in need of orthodontic work.

- Cindy Zakrzewski
Mobile, AL

We could not be happier with the care Austin received (and will continue to receive for the next 30+ months) at your facility. Every single member of your staff is friendly and kind. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, and it feels as if you are walking into an office full of friends. In my opinion, this is "the" most important aspect of any business. We know that Austin is in good hands!

- Pam Till
Monroeville, AL

Always a pleasure to make the trip over. Wouldn't go to anyone else.

- Mary McCandless
Silverhill, AL

Everyone is very friendly and makes us feel like a part of their team! I have referred three families to you guys because of this! Keep up the good work!

- Deidre Wade
Mobile, AL

The staff does an excellent job of making you feel like part of "The Family".

- Michelle Burden
Mobile, AL

I must express what a delight it has been for me to have Madeleine in Dr. Donaghey's care for orthodontic treatment. The entire staff has been gracious, accommodating and pleasant during every step of our process and during every visit. I am truly impressed with the level of service and professionalism displayed by all of the staff members with whom we have interacted: Cindy, Lisa, Jessica, Tonya and Dr. Donaghey. KUDOS from the Greenwoods!

- Stephanie Greenwood
Mobile, AL